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Particular swatches from the left to right matches position on the scanned slide:. Particular swatches from the left to right matches position on the scanned slide: Even Nikon wont fix their own products anymore. But whenever I open the scanner to clean the mirror etc. Opened scanner the scanner case was dismounted provides better results than closed, but still unusable.

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Many failures are repairable. I guess it would make the cooling system more effective however you’d have to attach the peltier cell with a radiator to the devices you want to cool. Before sending my Inkon to eclecticmusic, the scans I was getting from it weren’t terrible, but I was definitely having issues with reduced contrast and that brownish blooming that happens around frame edges and other high-contrast areas on color negatives.

I nikon ls-9000 ed not find an identical coupling online, but found nikon ls-9000 ed similar that works just fine. I had nikon ls-9000 ed many broken. Manual focus changes before scanning does not compensate this fault: Every 4th minute of the scanning time I interrupted scanning temporarily by pressing and holding down the left mouse button for the following 4 minutes.

Nikon ls-9000 ed items related to this product. Particular swatches from the left to right matches position on the scanned slide:. Not a good way to scan.


I read somewhere that the nikon ls-9000 ed was changed for LS model and this is no longer an issue. I may be able to help nikon ls-9000 ed if you mess up, nikoon I will not do this for free.

NewsBlog photography. The door itself is made from ABS. On top of all that, Nikon will charge more than twice as much for their subpar service. A dirty mirror in the scan head will result in degraded scan image quality. I think that this problem can be partially solved by firmware modification and will require replacement of some electronic components in the scanner.

Nikon LS 9000 scanner – Gradual sharpness decrease during scanning

These scanners are very well built. Cleaning and inspection was quick and done properly.

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The scanner can be powered ON and operated but you have to keep the power button pressed by hand. Few weeks ago I bought Nikon scanner, and you are right – when I use “nikon scan” software with switched on digital ICE, there nikon ls-9000 ed sharpnes decreasing.

Nikon LS scanner – Gradual sharpness decrease during scanning – Ladislav Kamarád

See more details here. They rarely need service beyond imaging mirror cleaning. I know that the difference of the temperature of two sides of the cell is 60 C. I have had prepared 4x-supefine scan nikon ls-9000 ed scanning time is about 30 minutes. Two most common problems with these power supplies are: Additional Product Features Family Line.


The replacement is also straightforward. HEPA filter protect scanner from dust scattered in the surrounding air. However – as always nikon ls-9000 ed you are welcome to follow my advice – but do it at your own risk.

I have taken accurate measurements of most plastic parts that are prone dd breaking in Nikon Coolscan scanners and had them 3D-printed.

It can be replaced fairly straightforwardly. During the course of scanning time longer then 30 minutes 8x superfine or 16x superfine the reached unsharpness remains without change.

You are welcome to use them, nikon ls-9000 ed with following disclaimers: