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Toshiba is not present in the smartphone sector. Our audio test files sounded clear and reasonably loud, but, like most laptop speakers, there’s no bass and treble tones are uncomfortably harsh. It’s not exactly a looker, but at least the Toshiba is sturdier than many other budget machines. High quality and inexpensive; matte screen. The keyboard’s closely positioned keys look a bit cramped compared to the near-ubiquitous Chiclet style keyboards, which have gaps between each keys. Comp Reviews While many of the companies are moving their budget systems to less powerful but more energy efficient platforms, Toshiba has elected to keep with traditional laptop features in the Satellite CA The laptop’s 1TB hard disk is another massive coup for a machine at this price, giving you all the room you’ll need for your multimedia collection, as well as plenty of space to install software.

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Toshiba has been showing off a bit recently, introducing new models such as its stylish Kira Ultrabook, and the thoroughly over-the-top 4K display of its P50 laptop. Comp Reviews C0 Satellite C55D-B continues the trend c50 toshiba the company c50 toshiba greater storage space than its competitors but this feature may not be enough to make it a better system.

Although black tones didn’t look todhiba bad to the naked eye, our calibrator rated black levels as a poor 0. It’s not much to look at, but this low-cost laptop has a high-quality display and is powerful enough to take on c50 toshiba you might normally cc50 for a desktop PC. That’s a decent specification for a laptop in this price range, c50 toshiba if the Ivy Bridge i3 doesn’t have a turboboost option to enhance performance.

This means that the touchpad is pushed a little further to the right than we’re entirely c50 toshiba with, but we didn’t brush it while typing and had enough space for our right wrist. The brightness of the screen drops off quite quickly even if you c50 toshiba it back just a couple of inches, so you might need to nudge the screen occasionally in order to improve visibility.


Throttling CPU; poor speakers. Comp Reviews Toshiba’s latest low cost Satellite laptop features a number of trade offs. The design c50 toshiba also unchanged from previous models which means it is larger and heavier than most other systems at this c50 toshiba point. In fact, there are few obvious signs of compromise in the Toshoba at all. As laptop manufacturer, Toshiba still had 6. The rise of Windows 8 has caused a flourishing crop of touchscreen laptops to spring up.

Toshiba Satellite C50-A P0011

See all Ultrabooks reviews. The GPU is far more powerful than the integrated graphics in previous generations of Intel Core processors. This machine is made entirely from plastic, and the lid and wrist-rest are both covered with a plain, lined pattern.

C50 toshiba keyboard is a traditional, flat-topped unit with a sensible layout and a numberpad, and we like typing on the C50D. The keys have a consistent action that successfully straddles the line between light and comfortable, and we were soon typing quickly. The main selling point would be the touchscreen, but at this price range it would make more sense to go for a more powerful machine without touchscreen.

Designer C50 toshiba Hertz on making a c50 toshiba poster out of plastic tubes and a whole load of colour.

Toshiba Satellite C50 | TechRadar

In keeping with its businesslike appearance, it has a matt display, with which means that you don’t need to worry about reflections on dark screens or glare in brightly-lit environments.

Low image quality of the display. We weren’t expecting its Ivy Bridge processor to last very long, but it actually managed to nudge just past 5. And, finally, there’s another Toshiba. At the end of the day, the Toshiba C50 toshiba CAIt is a tshiba, underpowered, yet cheap machine. We were also pleased to see that it was ready to start launching applications straight away, with there’s no c50 toshiba or cursor-spinning while it got c50 toshiba together.


For Sturdy chassis capable mid-range processor good keyboard very affordable. Eight gigabytes of memory is ample, and the 1TB hard disk is similarly capacious. The c50 toshiba of the Toshiba’s specification ticks the right boxes, too.

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Its display quality is nothing to write home about, but it is nevertheless as responsive as you would expect of a Windows 8 capacitive multi-touch screen. The laptop’s 1TB hard disk is another massive coup for c50 toshiba machine at this price, giving you all the room you’ll need for your multimedia collection, as well as plenty of space to install software.

The low end of the laptop c50 toshiba is packed with contenders, many of which square up to the C50D with tempting specifications of their own. Image 1 of 4. However, the company still tends to focus c50 toshiba of its efforts on what it calls the ‘value’ end of the market, and its new C50 is a good budget laptop c50 toshiba anyone on a really tight budget.